About Us

Upright Farms is an indoor, vertical, hydroponic farm created to improve the food system, improve availability of food in food deserts, improve human health and wellness, and assist in the economic turnaround of urban areas and cities.

The philosophy envisions a multi-pronged approach to the living, working, feeding, and funding issues that currently plague our society and our economy. While there is no single solution to a complex problem, we believe our simple approach to repurpose urban buildings, create city jobs, and improve healthy eating is a good start.

Traditional field agriculture focuses on maximizing yields and the farming practices that accomplish that goal. Outdoor farming is plagued with all the natural phenomena that occur. The weather is the most obvious: too hot or too cold, too much or too little rain. Hail can damage crops, as can wind. Pests include insects, birds, and other critters that can dig up, burrow into, or eat the plants. Manmade effects on traditional farming include the use and abuse of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Our farm is inside to protect it from the outside. Measures are taken to ensure production does not suffer from disease, bugs, atmosphere, “fly-overs,” or unsupervised harvesting techniques. Our staff is committed to producing fresh, better tasting, healthy food in a controlled environment with each grower practicing safe, clean protocol. We call it Controlled Environment Agriculture.

In natural conditions, soil acts as a mineral nutrient reservoir. But in the 18th century, researchers discovered that soil is not essential to plant growth. Plants absorb essential mineral nutrients as inorganic ions in the soil dissolve into available water. When mineral nutrients are introduced into a plant’s water supply artificially, soil is no longer required for the plant to thrive. Hydroponics arose as a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Almost any terrestrial plant will grow with hydroponics. Coupled with Controlled Environment Agriculture, hydroponics allows traditional soil-based plants to be grown regardless of season, climate, or location.

The grow room is the mainstay of the Upright Farm’s story. The team, after years of “Thomas Edison experiments” achieved what has become Upright Farms. The collaboration streamlined, enhanced, and refined the process that now produces the highest yielding indoor farm harvest, by weight and area.

The safety and cleanliness of each grow room is paramount. The grow room is entered from the outside through a clean room where personal protection equipment (PPE) is put on (boots, coats, gloves, and hair nets). The clean room provides access to the prep room, hot house, cooler, shipping, and growing chambers.

Our manufactured food production model is the technique and technology that enables the whole system to work. Upright Farms’ growing process—from seed to harvest—uses no chemicals, pesticides, additives, or other unnatural elements. We use only organic and heirloom seeds. Careful attention to every detail ensures success in this and all other historical manufacturing models.

Today more than ever, energy issues affect a company’s operations, profitability, and sustainability goals. Energy efficiency initiatives have emerged as key factors for effective management of energy usage and costs.

Our technology is designed to be simple and understandable with few movable parts, using gravity for irrigation and low wattage LED lights for growth. Temperature, humidity, and air flow have been linked into a treatment flow train to maximize energy efficiency and the benefits of a closed looped system. The result is our sustainable business model.

Utility costs, production costs, packaging costs, delivery costs, and other overhead costs, have all been scaled back and controlled in order to allow the synergistic system to perform on a sustainable, economic level. Current projections achieve approximately one pound per square foot of growing room space per month—our 1 (square foot) to 1 (pound) to 1 (month) plan.

Our Mission

Upright Farms is committed to improving the food system through innovation. Stringent production practices and proven technologies maximize both quality and quantity of the produce grown in our indoor vertical farm.

Upright Farms aims to operate within a wholly sustainable business model—efficient management of resources and minimal impact on the environment—at the same time producing fresher, more nutritious, better tasting, plant-based food alternatives for our families, friends, and communities.

Upright Farms incorporates vacant buildings in urban areas, converting them into indoor grow-farms to help renew neighborhoods, improve local economies, and provide fresh greens and vegetables in what would otherwise be a food desert.

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